As a real estate agent, you should always be looking to market yourself, no matter how many recent sales or listings you’ve had. You can’t get leads if people don’t know who you are! Exposure is key.

In fact, there’s a proven psychological principle — the Mere Exposure Theorem — that shows that people tend to prefer things they’ve seen before, simply because of that superficial familiarity.

With that in mind, here are seven types of ads to run, even if you’re not selling a house a day.

1. Info Tease

Ever thought about giving away useful information with no strings attached? Well, you should. This is an excellent way to create a positive association with your brand and face. If you’re a local real estate agent who can provide useful, instant gratification for someone, they’ll think of you when they need an agent. Create a neighborhood guide. Offer some super-local marketing trends. Give away a home buyer’s guide. It’ll pay off. Also, you’ll capture their info for future marketing and mass email.

2. Sale

Pretty basic. You should be running an ad every time you close a sale. This lets your target audience know you can successfully sell a  home and gives you the exposure you deserve.

3. Listing

In the same vein, all of your listings should be turned into Facebook ads. Even if your buyer doesn’t ultimately come from Facebook, it’s a useful exercise in brand awareness so you get better-known in your target area.

4. Evergreen

Is the slow season of winter upon you? Not sure what to advertise when you’re in between closing deals? This is the perfect way to start and continue building your brand in those in-between moments. An evergreen ad shows off your business with a simple message.

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These are not meant to generate instant leads, but they’ll help cement your presence in your target market. Then, leads will come to you when they’re further along in the buying process.

5. Raffle

Give a gift card away to get more positive exposure. It’s an easy formula and it works, because it’s an incredibly low-commitment way to draw in new prospects. Make sure there’s some sort of collateral though: For instance, only those who enter their email, like the post, tag a friend in the comments or share the post will be entered into the raffle.

6. Review ads

Nothing shouts legitimate quite like awesome reviews, and there’s no better fodder for advertising yourself. You don’t even have to do any of the writing. This, too, is less about cashing in a quick buck and more about branding yourself.

7. Superlatives

Find a favorable stat about yourself, and create a nice visual to accompany it. Do you have a five-star rating on Google or Facebook? Are you the top agent in your neighborhood? Have you won any local awards? If you’re a high-performing agent, this strategy is a great way to leverage your accolades for even more exposure.

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