Google My Business profiles have become a staple in real estate marketing. Claiming your profile seems to be the big-ticket action for most real estate agents, but maintenance is actually the true key to success. And as they increase in popularity, there’s even more pressure to focus on strategic and frequent maintenance. 

And increase in popularity they will: Google’s market share percentage is 92.56 percent, which is unspeakably dominant in an arena known for high engagement levels. Google itself boasts  63,000 searches per second. And in real estate, 74 percent of homebuyers used mobile search to find their homes in 2017. 

So all I have to do is create a profile and I can get in on these sweet numbers forever, right?

No. We’re glad you asked. While that is Step 1, there’s a fair bit of upkeep you have to do to make sure your profile maintains its panel position and looks as impressive as possible to prospective clients. Just creating and verifying your profile is not enough, and it’s a common mistake that real estate agents and other business owners make.

You can keep your profile up to date by posting at least once a week, soliciting and receiving reviews, replying to reviews and keeping your information up to date, among others.

Think about it: Google’s business profile algorithm is a black box of sorts, but it doesn’t want to be showing its users defunct business pages. The more hand-waving you do to consumers — Hey, I get awesome reviews! Hey, I post good content! — the more hand-waving you’ll be doing to Google, too. Show them you’re engaged on their platform, and they’ll return the favor.

Sounds like a lot of work — Is it even worth it?

One-hundred times over. We cannot stress this enough: This is prime real estate. Google is handing over the tools for business success to agents on a silver platter; it’s merely a matter of maintaining that profile. No matter how you do it (setting aside time or hiring a company to do it so you don’t have to worry about it), it’s worth it.

The duality of Google maintenance:

Maintenance is a twofer. For example, posting weekly is important for the Google algorithms, but it also makes your profile stand out and can attract new customers. It’s also a great way to show off your branding and personality.

As a real estate agent, you need to look as trustworthy, active and on top of it as possible. 

Keeping your information up to date, for example, is essential — it makes Google happy and it gives your customers the most updated information on what they can expect from you. 

Replying to reviews, positive or negative, shows people you’re involved, you care and you can take accountability when necessary. Posting helpful advice proves you’re a good resource, you’re knowledgeable and you’re willing to help. These are all intangibly meaningful positives that also help Google rank your profile high. 

And as we’ve mentioned, it takes time and energy to maintain your profile — but your business will suffer without. A verified Google My Business profile is nothing if it goes inactive — Google will make sure users can’t see it, and that’s a big loss for your brand. 

Conclusion: Maintaining your Google business profile offers you positives in the back-end, keeping you at the top of the SERPs, and positives on the front-end, with up-to-date and useful information.

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