If you’ve been following marketing trends, you’d know Google My Business profiles are becoming an increasingly important tool for marketers. And it’s one that few real estate agents take full advantage of.

One little-known way to use your Google business profile to get ahead? Google My Business posts. Firstly, not too many businesses post. Secondly, those that do post don’t do it particularly well. This puts you at a vast advantage if you do it right.

What is the point of Google posts?

As pseudo mini-ads that show up under the rest of your business profile, posts are beautiful in their simplicity. Think of them like any other social media posts — opportunities to share content about you and your business, expertise or local market. 

So don’t over-complicate things: Your posts should have clear images, striking colors, inviting language and pithy points. They’re an excellent way to show a bit of personality while advertising your success and knowledge right there on your business profile. 

With that in mind, here are a few tips on how to optimize your posts.

  • Post at least weekly. Google wants to provide readers with up-to-date information, and it wants to encourage businesses to keep updating their profiles. That’s why it puts an expiration date on posts — they “expire” after a week and aren’t on the front of your Google My Business profile. Posting at least once every seven days is a must if you want your posts to show up, because posts expire after a week. You’ll still be able to see them, but it’ll require a click. Therefore, posting at least once every seven days is a must if you want your posts to show up, When you have a few posts published, you’ll realize they resemble a social media feed.
  • Make it YOU. Employing robotic language is a common post pitfall and a waste of the part of the page that’s meant to set you apart. 
    • Include that sense of humor while still being as direct as possible; this isn’t a place to practice your narrative prose. 
    • Avoid stock images at all costs and instead focus on photos you took or — better yet — listing photos. 
  • Make sure your photos are not only high-quality, but eye-popping. You want your posts to be as alluring as possible. Having bright, contrasting colors is a great way to grab readers’ attention. Play around with the photo in Adobe Photoshop Express (free). If you’re looking for a quick way to make your images pop, experiment with the “exposure,” “highlights,” “shadows” and “clarity” tabs. 
  • Make sure your image is 720×540, or it could get cut off or distorted. If you don’t have an image, your post won’t stand out as much and get as many clicks. 
  • Google doesn’t confine you to just images. You can add a video or gif in an image’s stead, if it’ll help illustrate a point that a graphic or image can’t convey as well.
  • This one is incredibly important: Make sure you choose a meaningful CTA. Google business posts allow you to hyperlink via a button, which you should do as much as possible so there is room for consumers to engage. You have a few choices, so make sure to choose the most applicable one. As a real estate agent, your best choices are “Learn more” and “Call now.”

Your text should be strategic and contain keywords you think your target audience is searching on Google. Learn more about keywords and SERPs here.

  • Use keywords in your posts
    • Your posts’ text is factored into how high your page is ranked. It’s important to keep all aspects of your page SEO-focused. Use keywords in your text, link to your site to increase its standing and make your sentences short and easy to read. Delve deeper into what SEO is here.
  • Google offers four types of posts.You can choose from: What’s New, Event, Offer and Product.

Each of these manifests itself differently upon a user’s click — an Offer post, for example, lets users click an orange tag and redeem some sort of code. As an agent, you’re really going to find yourself using mostly the Event and What’s New tabs. You’re still able to use the Product and Offer tabs, but they’re a tad specific unless you’re selling something like a neighborhood guide or market analysis. It’s important to note, though, that when you publish a Product post, it shows up not only in the “Posts” tab but in the “Products” tab, too. 

Whenever you have an event coming up — an open house or a happy hour for clients and prospects — post about it. Take a high-quality photo of, say, your upcoming open house’s venue, and put the details in a post. There are also companies that schedule posts on your behalf, which can help take a load off. 

However you do it, make sure to actually keep up with your Google My Business posts, and do it often.

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