In this day and age, it’s imperative to get on Google and rank high. The site has 92.62 percent of the search engine market share, and it processes 2 trillion searches per year. This incredibly popular and widely used site for home-buying now offers you real estate on its front page. 

Google offers you free real estate on its front pages, for certain keywords, in what’s called a Google My Business profile. It appears right at the top of the page, with more bells and whistles than the other search results — think Google reviews, photos, your phone number, etc. This can help you achieve hyperlocal success and cater to those looking for you or looking for real estate nearby.

Are you, for some reason, still not convinced you should have your own profile?

Well, here are eight reasons you need to have one.

1. It will improve your Google ranking and visibility.

Before you have a Google My Business profile, you’re basically undiscoverable on Google. By creating and maintaining one, you’re improving your Google ranking in the process. When prospects search for you — or for real estate agents near them — you will actually show up in the SERPs. Not only will you show up in Search, though; with a business profile, you’ll appear in Google Maps, too. This increased visibility is critical in the hunt to attract new leads.

2. The leads will you get will be high-intent.

When you run ads on Facebook and Instagram, you may notice the leads you get there will require a little bit more lead-nurturing: They’ll be earlier in the buying process, or just be passive observers. That makes sense, as social media is full of browsers. 

Google, though, is different. Google is where you go when you want specific answers, so it’s likely the leads you get from your Google business profile will be higher-intent and more knowledgeable about what they’re looking for. While it’s good to cover both the browsers and those further along in the process, having a presence on Google is an efficient way to get high-quality leads.

3. Your credibility will skyrocket.

Visibility on Google is important for a number of reasons, perhaps the biggest being the wonders it does for your reputation. Having a filled-out, professional-looking Google business profile is a fantastic way to convey to your prospects that you’ve put thought into your digital presence and you have a grasp on the industry. 

A way to supplement that credibility, too, is having lots of recent, positive reviews. You should always be soliciting Google reviews from past clients, as there’s no marketing quite like testimonials. 

4. Your info will be clear and accessible.

For a real estate agent, lots of the job revolves around talking to and meeting with people. But that’s impossible to do if they can’t get in contact with you. Your Google business profile prioritizes this info, so it’s front and center for all of your prospective clients to see. 

Notice here how any info you could possibly want from this restaurant is available before clicking anything. The last thing you want is for interested prospects to close the page because figuring out how to contact you was too complicated. 

5. Your business’s location will be readily available to prospects. 

As a real estate agent, you should be focused on your area. It’s important to show prospects where the radius in which you’re operating actually is. Your Google business profile does a good job of this, by putting you on the map in both Search and Maps. Even if your office isn’t the exact neighborhood you’re focused on, it shows people where you’re based so they know you’re nearby.

6. You get a free MarketingKit!

Google doesn’t advertise its marketing kit too much, so only the savviest Google My Business users know about it, but it’s super useful. Google will send you free posters, stickers, social media posts and a table tent. This is an excellent way to associate yourself with the world’s most popular search engine, lending you yet more credibility. 

7. You get a free website!

Part of the Google giveaways club, the website Google offers you is awesome. It’s simple, clean and contains all of the information you’d want on your website. Simply head to this site, input your business name and let Google do the rest. You’ll be able to edit the preview and get your own custom URL. 

8. You can show off your personality with Google My Business Posts.

Posts are an excellent way to grab the attention of searchers. Not only that, though, but they also help you maintain your Google ranking. The more you post, the better it is for your SEO

Similar to social media feeds to an extent, posts allow you to showcase your personality in an informal text-and-photo publication. Remember to post at least weekly, as posts expire after seven days, and keep those visuals exciting.

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