Can you figure out the issue with this ad?

It’s a great open house ad, but it has a concrete expiration date. It’s 100-percent useless after the open house ends. 

Of course in many cases, the things you need to advertise will be ephemeral: open houses, listings, etc. That is a necessary part of real estate marketing, as the industry is often time-sensitive. 

But introducing evergreen ads and content into your repertoire is a great way to outdo your competitors and make a name for yourself. This article will take you through what exactly evergreen content is and how you can apply it to your marketing. 

What does evergreen content mean?

Similar to evergreen trees, which are green all season long, evergreen content is timeless and always interesting. And running evergreen ads is an excellent way to fill space and hammer your presence home.

Why should you run evergreen content?

To many agents, ads are all about listings and getting high-intent leads who are ready to buy or sell in the next 60 days. Consumers, however, often need multiple touchpoints before they convert. The more they see your presence, the more they’ll be convinced that you’re the expert in their area — and that means more business for you. Running ads 24/7 helps with brand awareness, which will get you more leads in the long run. 

Want to run an ad but don’t have any listings or recent sales?

That sounds like a great scenario to summon your old pal, evergreen ads. Think about concepts that both promote your character as a real estate and transcend time. Find an auspicious statistic and run with it. For example, if you are the top buyer’s agent in Gramercy Park, use that info as the headline, get a headshot of yourself, write some supporting copy and boom. 

What else counts as evergreen? I need more ideas.

You may not even realize it, but you already have great fodder for evergreen ads. Here are a few ideas that you can incorporate into your paid marketing:

  • Review ads

“Here’s what my clients think about me.” Easy. Find a favorable Google review, find a clean headshot of yourself and add a sentence urging prospects to hire you. These will always stand the test of time.

  • Superlatives

As alluded to, these are positive stats you can extract from your ranking in your neighborhood or area. “Top 10 Closer in Cincinnati.” Find something true that puts you ahead of your competitors, and don’t be afraid to stack two or three stats into one ad. 

  • Teases

“Enter your information here to get a buyer’s guide for Columbia Heights.” Make a guide or even just an enticing blog post and make users enter information to access it. Giving away something of real value for free is a great way to build trust and get prospects’ email addresses in the process. Add them to your CRM.

How else can evergreen content be helpful?

Posting evergreen content on your website (and social media pages) can help boost your search engine ranking for weeks, months or even years, depending on what it is and how timeless it is. If you’re answering a commonly asked question, that can show up on Google.

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