Real estate agents are flocking to Google in great numbers to advertise their listings, websites and overall brands — and for good reason. Google owns 92.62 percent of the world’s search engine market share, boasting 63,000 searches per second

Google Ads are king in real estate, and here’s why.

So, what are Google Ads?

Originally called Google Adwords, Google Ads is an advertising platform through which you must go to advertise yourself and your products on Google’s sites. You probably see a number of Google Ads every day, as Google’s reach is absolutely massive.

Google Ads take a number of different shapes:

  • Display ads

Part of Google Display Network — the network of websites on which display ads placed through Google can appear — display ads include any Google ads where the image is the focus. These range from static pictures to videos to banner ads, and they can show up on Google-affiliated websites (e.g. Gmail, YouTube, Blogger) as well as other sites, on both desktop and mobile platforms. You select a number of keywords before you start this process, so you can target your clients by interest. These are very common when retargeting audiences, which is the process of targeting people after they’ve taken an action that indicates their interest. 

  • Search ads

These ads show up when users enter particular keywords into Google. Not quite a display ad, search ads show up by term and not by previous activity. They also look like organic search results.

  • Gmail ads

According to Google, “Gmail ads are interactive ads that show in the Promotions and Social tabs of your inbox.” Users can open them to find videos, images or forms. These ads are effective because they look like normal emails, and they’re personal.

  • Maps ads

Showing up on Google Maps is a great way to attract clients hyperlocally. After they see your ad and tap on it, they can just tap once more to navigate there. Google makes the process easy.

Why use Google Ads?

Given Google’s total domination of the search engine world and indeed the internet altogether, showing face on Google is bound to result in leads. And for real estate agents, the draw is huge:

Google is where buyers and sellers are going to look for houses and agents. That means very high-intent leads who are signaling to you that buying or selling is front of mind.

It’s a no-brainer for real estate agents who rely on marketing to a specific geographic location. People are checking these sites whether or not you advertise there, so why not meet them there?

A couple more reasons: 

  • The budget you set can be whatever you want, though the more you spend, the more worthwhile it is.
  • The leads you get from Google are high-intent and high-quality, so every dollar you spend is a dollar well-spent.
  • Google has the resources and technology to optimize your ad to success.
  • According to Google, advertisers make eight times as much as they spend on Google Ads

How can Google Ads be used by real estate agents specifically?

Real estate agents have a lot of use in Google Ads, both for lead generation and brand awareness. Having your face plastered across multiple websites instills in the target homebuyer that you’re a successful agent, established and savvy enough to run ads. It also gives you more touchpoints to reach clients within your local sphere, which is crucial — the more you can remind people that you’re a reputable agent, the better. 

Since Google lets you hone in on specific campaign goals, such as calls, it’s uniquely useful for booking appointments, removing the steps in the middle that most other sites have.

How do the ads actually spend my money?

Google Ads run on a pay-per-click model in which the advertiser pays Google only when their ad gets a click. This helps keep prices low for you and puts an incentive on the search behemoth to get you clicks so that it makes money, too.

How can I customize my Google Ad campaigns to my business needs?

The first step, no matter who you are, is telling Google your goal. You can choose from prioritizing calls, which is all about booking appointments and closing deals; store visits, which is pretty self-explanatory; and take action on your website, which works to get people to go to your website. 

As a real estate agent, you should focus on calls, as your goal is to schedule appointments with prospective clients. If you have lots of blog content on your website and want to promote that, choose take action on your website, but going with calls is likely a more direct way to get to the essence of your advertising goals.

Who will see my ad?

When you choose the ad you want to run, you’ll feed Google a couple of keywords, so that when your customers search those terms, your ad will show up. Choosing keywords has to be strategic, but it’s an important part of the process in targeting the right audience. 

Give it a try!

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