What is a CTA?

CTA stands for call to action, and it’s the hyperlinked button that elicits a reaction from prospects. Without a CTA, your ad copy is essentially pointless. It’s like an open house flyer without an address. It’s what turns people from browsers to active leads.

Where can I find a CTA?

Ever received a marketing email from a company whose products you’ve used? Virtually every single one will include one or more CTAs. 

This email from Scott’s Cheap Flights has a striking CTA — Get all the deals — in the middle of the body, and it’s got more under the frame, too. It’s not just a link to a site; it’s a big GO DO THIS directive, and it’s more efficient at getting clicks than a simple hyperlinked word. You’ll also find calls to action on website pages, in blog posts and other email newsletters.

How can I, a real estate agent, use a CTA?

Understanding what a CTA is and how to use one is incredibly important when working on your own content marketing and ad copy

  • If you run a blog, you need to think about what your end goal is. Are you trying to get readers to book an appointment, for example? If so, your CTA should say exactly that — BOOK AN APPOINTMENT. 
  • Perhaps you’re running an ad and you want prospective clients to call you. Same theory applies. Be direct, be clear and keep it short — CALL NOW. 

No matter your intention, make sure your CTA makes sense. 

Do a CTA’s colors affect its click-through rate?

Maybe. There’s no shortage of studies supporting the notion that certain colors elicit certain emotions from people, but is there a certain color that works best? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer here, but there are a few definite best practices. 

The color of your text needs to contrast starkly from the color of its background. Notice in Scott’s Cheap Flights’ CTA, the white is easy on the eyes and easy to read as it contrasts greatly from the orange. 

While experts are divided on the single best CTA color, it’s hardly divisive to say that you should avoid using black, brown and white for your CTA. Black and brown are gloomy and uninspiring while white blends into the background. Instead, look at red, yellow, orange and green — these are warm, they evoke emotion and they stand out.

Testing is important for your brand, and this includes CTA colors. Facebook Ads allow you to A/B test some elements, including colors in images, so try to figure out what works best for you by testing different colors and evaluating the click-through rates of each one. 

This chart from the Logo Company shows how color affects emotion. 

Source: https://thelogocompany.net/blog/infographics/psychology-color-logo-design/
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