You have an open house coming up and you’ve done the basics — posted on social media, invited the neighbors, and sent postcards throughout the neighborhood. Those are “the basics” for a reason. There are more creative ways to promote your open house. Here are three overlooked and valuable ways to get some eyeballs on your upcoming open house.

1. Waze Ads

Waze is a social navigation app and, unfortunately, a severely underrated means of geotargeting people who are driving near your open house. It’s a perfect way to advertise your open house since your ads can get in front of its 30 million American monthly active users as they drive to work, the grocery store, daycare, etc. When advertising on Waze, you can choose from its three ad types:

  • Branded Pin

This allows you to be discoverable on the Waze map. Once users tap on your pin, your logo and ad appear at the top of a driver’s screen as they navigate to their destination. Interested drivers can then tap to switch their final destination to your open house’s address. Even if users don’t want to drive there that instant, they can save your information to call later.

  • Zero-Speed Takeover
A Zero-Speed Takeover Waze ad. Source:

This ad type opens up a big banner when users come to a full stop. It automatically populates the top of the screen and offers drivers the option to navigate to your open house. This is helpful for building awareness and piquing curiosity in those who are casually starting to house shop.

A Promoted Search Waze ad. Source:

  • Promoted Search

Promoted Search allows you to cut the line when users are searching for a nearby destination. Your open house will appear at the top of search results, which will help build awareness in a similar way the zero-speed takeover ad unit does.

Waze can certainly drive you to success, and it’s a great way to impress your seller clients, too. 

2. Google My Business Posts

If you don’t know what a Google My Business profile is just yet, you should probably get on that. The relatively new way to show up on Google with your own personal profile on Search and Maps is absolutely perfect for real estate agents. It allows you to be discovered when people search for “open houses near me,” makes you look professional and gives users quick access to your info, much like a digital business card. As an added bonus, it also allows you to post things, from your latest blog article to an event announcement, like an open house. 

Google My Business posts can contain anything you want, but the reason they’re perfect for open houses is their integrated “Event” post type.

A Google My Business event post. Source:

Event posts are just like other Google My Business posts, but they also let you input a time, date and call to action (CTA). 

It’s the perfect place to advertise open houses or any other events you host. The people who see the post will already be on your Google My Business profile, having searched for a real estate agent, so the likelihood they’ll be high-intent leads is high. This renders this advertising venue pretty apt. 

3. Instagram Story ads

Visual by nature, Instagram Story ads are a fantastic way to access a targeted group of users. Instagram is great for advertising, since of its 1.1 billion monthly active users, about half of them are daily active users, making it a cornucopia of engagement. 

On Instagram Stories, you can create ads based on an image, a video or a carousel of a couple of images or videos. Try to think about which one makes the most sense for your open house, though it’s good practice to showcase multiple angles of the house you’re selling. 

A couple of ideas:

  • A teaser walk-through of the home
  • Visually compelling listing photos
  • A brief video of yourself hyping up the open house
  • An image of the house with the details overlain
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